August 26, 2014

My Small Foyer: A Love Story

I like many of you, suffer the difficulties that come from dealing with ASF (A Small Foyer). And today, I will share with you how I overcame the challenge of transforming a small foyer into a practical and functional entry space that I love.

One of the very first things I notice when viewing people's homes both online and in person is how their foyers are organized. Are the wide? Narrow? Where are the stairs placed? Did I have to trip over 80 million pairs of shoes to come in? Where should I hang my jacket? Should I just drop my umbrella on the floor? 

And I don't know what it is about the look of grand foyers, but I've always wanted one, with a large stair case leading up to my 14 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms...

And then reality sets in and I realize that all that sits at the top of the stairs is a FROG and attic space and I only have two bathrooms (thank goodness). 

I don't have human kids or dogs or excessive traffic, so when people enter my house they should feel like it's lived in, but that it is also stress-free, organized place (if you have human children or dogs or more than one other person living in your house, I give you major props if you're also able to maintain that uber-organized foyer. I am talented at many things, but wrangling other beings into being as OCD as I am has proven to be excessively difficult for me). And since Matt will literally walk out of his shoes when he comes in, leaving them wherever they happen to fall, I wanted to guarantee a location where they could be placed that saves us from the "where are my SHOES" discussion every morning. I also wanted something that might encourage my guests to remove their shoes, without actually having to ask them. I imagine that they will say, "oh LOOK! A neat little cabinet in which to place my shoes. May I take them off?" And I will say yes. Yes you may.

Anywho, my goal was to establish an entry that could become part of our routine as well as to provide some coverage for a less-than-perfect sanding job. (The back story here is that the folks that owned the home before us did a sponge-on-paint-job to give the foyer some texture. When we moved in, we removed the chair rail and painted the two-tone walled one color. We sanded and primed the area, but probably should have sanded and primed some more, because you can still see it under the new paint. Rather than go back and fix it, I'm just going to cover it up for the time being. READ: laziness.)

So I bought this little number (well, the four-door version, anyway). Behold:

The perfect shoe cabinet. Naturally because it's an Ikea design, it's practically impossible to put together. So I put Matt in charge of construction, bless his heart.

The cabinet holds eight pairs of shoes, is only a little over eight inches wide, and barely sticks out at all. It doesn't impede the doorway and offers a tight fit solution to the shoe debacle. On the opposite wall, I hope to hang a coat rack with some fancy hooks, but that'll happen sometime in the near future. (I'll keep you posted on my chosen product and/or craft.)

Stay tuned for next week's posts - the inside scoop on my very first DIY.

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