August 24, 2014

The Biker Gang

During the first week of home renovation, while I was off celebrating the wedding of two very dear friends, Matt was by his lonesome (and loving every second). One day, whilst minding his own business and listening to a Podcast he heard a knock on the door and encountered a small cluster of children. They shared with him their names and welcomed him to the neighborhood and were very friendly. 

[Shortly thereafter he texted me to say that he didn't know how to talk to children and that I needed to come home.]

The day after I got back, I drove straight from my office to the house to jump into some heavy lifting. Not five minutes after I had crossed the threshold and changed my clothes, I heard a woodpecker pecking the house. So I stopped what I was doing to listen. I heard it again and started walking around to locate its origin. It stopped while I was in the guest room, so I peered out the window to see what was there if anything.. which is when I noticed a fallen bicycle in the yard. Ah ha! Not a woodpecker. A child. And its tapping my door!

So I answered the door where I found the same children from Matt's experience, who introduced themselves to me and declared themselves Neighborhood Watch. They wanted to know if we had kids or a dog and to inform us that our house used to be the place to hang out. We spoke for a few minutes and while talking to them I realized that these kids mean business and it is inevitable: we were going to have to be the cool young couple on the block at Halloween - the ones that give out the full size candy bars.

When Matt got home we had a discussion about our little neighbors and headed out for dinner. On our way down the road they appeared en masse: 20 children, all on bikes, all under the age of 12 and all frantically waving. And the girl who knocked on the door is at the head of the pack. Standing at 4' 6" with mousy brown hair and a pink tank top. The leader. We have a biker gang!

And apparently we're not the only ones who call them that. Our friendly next door neighbor warned them about their shenanigans and told us to be on high alert. I have no idea why and that terrifies me.

I guess we'll find out! 

Coming up this week, a sneak peek at my entry way organization expedition. Stay tuned!

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