August 13, 2014


Well, hello!

Make yourself right at home. Pull up a chair. Or a cushion. Or a hammock. Or maybe a bar stool, if that's your thing. Whatever. Judgement free zone, folks.

I started this blog because I am a Pinterest-Reddit-DIY-aholic.
Hi, my name is Kristy and I have a crafting problem.

I spend hours and hours of my time picking through the plethora of projects, ideas, re-dos, do-overs, reupholstered, un-reupholstered, revamped, recycled, improved, and otherwise "fixed" pieces of furniture, various arts/crafts, and organizational demos created by other bloggers on the web. I spend so much time digging through the many creative endeavors of my peers that I barely have time to complete any of my own projects! (I blame the many talented people out there.)

Anywho, the point of all this is: if I'm spending all my free time looking at projects online, I may never actually get to accomplish any of my own. So here you have it: this is my first little project.

In the posts to follow, I hope to share with you some of my own creative ideas, the "re-modeling" of my new home, my attempts to live more frugally, my review of various products and services, recipes, books I'm reading, lifehacks and a multitude of resources to get your own creative juices flowing, with maybe a few rants and raves mixed in.

This is my blog and you can call me Queen Bee.

Just kidding. But seriously, like they always say, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"

Welcome to Castle DIY. I'm so glad you're here.

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