September 15, 2014

For C-Note

I have a friend, very near and dear to my heart, that has a very specific set of likes. He has proclaimed that he is very obviously not the target audience for my blog and is therefore reluctant to read it. Although I am aware of this, particularly because my posts are generally of the "lifestyle" genre, it would be regretful to leave anyone out. Therefore, the following post is for him:

© AP Photo/Paul Spinelli
© 2014 JR Motorsports

 © 2014 WCIV and Worldnow
© WRX STI 2015
© 2014 Turner Field/Atlanta Braves
Here's to you, C-Note. The greatest players rep in history. That is all.

*Disclosure: these pictures are not my own. They are courtesy of Google image search and talented photographers that I do not know but give full credit to. You hear that copyright people? I AM NOT TAKING CREDIT FOR THESE. Just so we're clear.*

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