September 22, 2014

Two Minute Scarf Solution

Over the years, through only some fault of my own, I have acquired a scarf collection that numbers in the thousands hundreds (barely) tens. Actually, to my knowledge I have 23 scarves and I am in the process of making one (because I like round numbers...and also because I messed up a sewing project, so "scarf" was deemed the appropriate item to create with my hacked-up-fabric).

Up until yesterday, my scarves sat scrunched up and crammed into a plastic zipper bag and I only ever picked from the top because: lazy. So many scarves left untouched. Poor things. Feeling all left out and what not. 

Recovering from a very trying day. Being adorable is hard work.
Now that I've moved to warmer climates, my scarves get much less wear than they previously did when we all lived in Connecticut. Understandably, they're feeling neglected. So much so in fact, that they ripped the bag they were in, rolled off the shelf in protest and nearly crushed one of the small, devious, fluffy-kids in my house. 

Shower Hooks
$1 = Win
So in an effort to wear more of them in a shorter time span and also because it's the first official week of Fall, I celebrated by making my way over to the dollar store this weekend for supplies for a DIY scarf organization project. If you have an abundance of scarves as I do, I highly recommend this or some version of this. Here's what you need:

What You Need

Scarves (obviously)
Round, plastic shower hooks (the super cheap kind - I bought two sets) 
A hanger or two (wood ones work best, but I used plastic)

What You Do

1. Attach shower hooks to your hangers. Unattached hooks and reattach them a second time when you realize you need more than one hanger to support the weight of your ridiculous scarf collection.

Scarves. And a hat. Perhaps a few fluffy socks and possibly a cat.
2. Gather your scarves in an unsightly heap on the bed and begin stringing them through the hooks.

3. Optional - Fight off helpful disruptive cats with a spray bottle.

4. Hang up and admire your handiwork!  

I used Matt as my display because it was too dark to see in my closet. He's so helpful.
At Matt's suggestion, I looped my shower hooks over two hangers because the weight was more than one sad little hanger could bear. I will probable invest in some wood ones in the future, but for the time being this works just fine.

Now I can see all my scarves and they're all within reach. This project cost me $2 and 2 minutes of my time. Totally worth it.

Happy First Day of Fall, Y'all!


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