October 4, 2014

How To: Fall Wreath

There are a handful of blogs that I follow, one of which belongs to a lovely lady from my home town, Sarah, over at MakeGrowDo (which you should definitely go check out). Not only does she take absolutely beautiful pictures of her projects, has great recipes and a green thumb, but she's got a whole slew of DIY masterpieces and sometimes I will saunter over there for a little inspiration. 

Recently she posted a DIY Fall Wreath that I thought was a perfect project for me to complete for my own front door. So at her recommendation, I took a little jaunt over to Hobby Lobby after work on Friday to peruse the wreath-making materials. Armed with a 40% off coupon, I walked around the store collecting little items for a handful of projects that I'm working on. I picked up a twig wreath from the floral section that was priced much lower than the pre-made ones I had seen upon my arrival. Ones like this:

Although it is lovely, I can not possibly pay $70 for a wreath. Sheer madness. I will make my own for less than $10, thank you. So I bought my wreath ($4.99). I looked at the flowers and other decor to add to it, and while they did have some reasonably priced options, I had seen similar products at the dollar store the week prior and decided I would get my flowers and whatnot there. However, while at Hobby Lobby, I did pick up a chalk board and some ribbon that I had hoped to incorporate. Here's what I used:

What You Need

  • Ribbon (I got a thin black and a chevron burlap that I liked a lot)
  • Faux flowers/twigs/decorations that you want to add
  • Zip ties, gardener's wire or string
  • A wreath hook
  • Small chalk board (to fit in the center of the wreath)
  • Kitten helper
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors

What You Do

1. First I used the wire cutters to separate the flowers from the stems that they came on. I got these flowers at the dollar store, so they're not quite as nice as the ones I might have gotten at the craft store, but they were cheap and they suit my purpose.

2. Then, I wove the flower stems into the wreath at varying angels, twisting the ends into to wreath to help them stay. Make sure you have a kitten near by to help you by eating the flowers, wreath, ribbon, and to run off with your zip ties. It's much more fun.

3. I purchased a sparkly spider from the dollar store (I had originally wanted a fluffy owl, but all their beaks were glued on upside down and they looked too ridiculous to use). I used a zip tie to attach the spider to the wreath. I was going to use two, to be safe, but the one seemed to hold in on sturdily enough. 

I attached the zip tie on the second leg and secured it there.
4. After I wove all my flowers and attached my spider, I set the wreath aside and measured and drilled holes into the chalk board. It measured about 8 in. across, so I made to pencil marks at 3 and 5 inches and eyeballed it to make sure they were mostly centered. I then used a 13/64" drill bit to drill two holes. I then strung some thin black ribbon through the holes to hang them from the wreath.

5. I then cut a length of burlap ribbon and tied it to the wreath hook just above the wreath in a bow. And then hung it from my door!

How to make a fall wreath

(It's a little off center, don't worry folks, I fixed it).

Happy with the result! I'm grateful that it distracts from the hideously green door. I can't wait to paint that silly door, but that's a blog for another day. 

And the best part is that the total cost was only about $15. That's almost 80% less than the store bought one. Thank you, frugal living. 

Until next time!

PS: Here's an update on the door! 


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