November 13, 2014

Fall Wreath 2.0

A few weeks ago I posted about the wreath that I made for Halloween. Welp, now that one holiday is over, time to quickly move on to the next.

Tis' the season.

I removed all the items that I had used on my first fall wreath and put them into storage (with the exception of the bow). I recently purchased a handful of plastic shoe boxes from the dollar store that are perfect for that kind of thing.

Also from the dollar store are the flowers I chose to use for my Thanksgiving inspired wreath. I just picked up a few that I thought were pretty and might go well together. So for w whopping $5, I was able to make a "second" wreath, and I'd say it came out pretty darn good. If you're wanting to do something similar to update your own or if you recently acquired a grapevine wreath that you just don't know what to do with, head down to your nearest Dollar Tree. 

What You Need

•  Faux flowers
•  Wire cutters
•  Ribbon
•  Grapevine wreath
•  Wreath hook
•  Hot glue gun & glue stick

What You Do

1. If you're updating your wreath like I did, take off the previous holiday/seasonal decorations and store them for next year (or a different project - whatever). Watch with glee while the feline edition of cirque du soleil begins to unfold in your living room and your cats lose their minds over the moth that was hiding in one of the fake flowers. 

2. Cut the flower bundles using the wire cutters so that you have individual stems to work with.

3. Arrange your ribbon. Instead of using a bow, I wrapped the ribbon around one side of the wreath just to do something different. The ribbon is the same piece I used for the bow, just disassembled. I tucked the ends into the wreath to secure the ribbon in place.

4. Place the flowers by poking the stems through the wreath, and tucking the ends in between the wreath's twigs.

5. You may secure the flowers using a bit of hot glue if you think you need it or if your door is exposed to extreme weather. I didn't feel that I needed any, but depending on how it looks when I get home today, I may go back and add a few dabs here and there.

6. Hang! I reattached and adjusted my chalk board back to the wreath from my last project when I was finished.

So easy and so cheap! 
$5 + 15 minutes = new wreath! 
My kind of project.


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