November 10, 2014

Ye Ole Renaissance Faire

On Saturday, Matt and I got together with our friends Kayley and David and took an afternoon trip up the Charlotte Renaissance Faire. While I have heard of such festivals, and have had friends that have attended in the past, I personally have never been before. We figured at the very least we'd get a bit of exercise while walking the grounds to help burn off the many variations of faire food that we might enjoy.

After a bit of a late start, we drove the two hours to Charlotte, arriving a little later than anticipated but not without enough time to see most of what the faire had to offer. We parked eight million miles away and walked down Ye Old Walking Path #2. We entered through the main gate, where upon entry my ticket-taker, who had previously been discussing football stats with his neighbor in a very southern accent, stepped back into his Renaissance character long enough to say, "G'day M'lady" and usher me onto the grounds.

If you've never been to a Renaissance Faire before, I highly recommend checking one out. Tons of people are in gaudy, extravagant costumes, and by "people", I mean staff and faire-goers alike. We say fantastic representations of some of our favorite Game of Thrones characters, pirates, fairies, gypsies and a very oddly placed - but not unimpressive - Rufio

This guy wins best costume. His sign says:
 "Yes it is & yes you can". Brilliant.
We looked through costume shops and weapon stores. David stopped to have a go at knife throwing (very poor knife throwing I might add - sorry, Glitterbutt) and a measly 2 oz cup of mead. Matt and I got crepes while Kayley settled with hot chocolate, as the afternoon sun was already disappearing behind the many buildings. We got about.... oh.... 50 feet before we had a go at some real food: Kayley with a bread bowl of soup, Matt with a bread bowl of meatballs and David with a highly sought after turkey leg - which he had literally been talking about since the last fair we went to some four weeks earlier.

After stuffing our faces a little bit more, we sauntered over to the jousting arena, which was pretty crowded. But being the last show of the day, the joust was a "fight to the death", complete with fake blood and real insults, which I'll admit was well worth watching. The fellow behind me shouted "huzzah!" more times than I could count and supplied us with the added bonus of his play by play commentary on the jousting abilities of the actors involved. We also got to watch as a bee tried to flirt with David and his turkey leg, and a secondary bee "attacked" (read: buzzed near) a lady on the shoulders of a man in the back row. (All the following pictures are blurry because I couldn't actually see so I kept holding my camera up in the air in hopes to get a good shot.)

We spent the last 45 minutes or so shooting arrows and investigating the shops. Kayley made away with a pink unicorn shield and David won her favor with a bulls-eye strike and a large feather, which he suspected was probably covered in mites. We stopped by the petting zoo (all sheep and a fluffy cow or two), played with swords, touched the merchandise, marveled at the cost of everything, and left just before it got dark (which was a mistake only because we proceeded to sit in traffic forever).

All in all, a pretty awesome day (albeit chilly) with the added bonus of doing something different than the norm. And we stopped at a Chinese buffet on the way home. Delicious.

A few blogs are in the works about the various projects I've been working on so check back a little later in the week for my Fall Wreath update, just in time for Thanksgiving. 


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