December 22, 2014

From My Castle To Yours

Things are always a little very chaotic during the holiday season but this year has been especially challenging for me for a number of reasons and I haven't had the time to commit to my projects or my posts these last few weeks. However, I did want to take a moment to wish a very Happy Christmahanakwanzika to all my readers in this country and overseas. 

I'm taking a little bloggy break, but I'll be back in January - hopefully with a few projects up my sleeve for the New Year.

Happy Holidays y'all!


December 14, 2014

How to: Build a Cat Tree

Two weekends ago, Matt and I ventured out and bought a Christmas tree. I am of the school of thought that a fake tree is a better investment than a real one, simply for the fact that while a real one costs less up front, in the long term it's less hassle and less expensive. Even if I only use a fake tree for 3 years, I've already made back my money (unless you bought this one, in which case, it'll take you justttttt a bit longer). That and the pine needles... and the vacuuming... and the watering... and the potential critters... really dissuades me from pursuing a white pine or a blue spruce from yonder forest - also known as the roadside market.

And I was certain that my normally well-behaved adorable cat-kids would be less inclined to try and climb a fake one and that is what brings us to today's post.

We bought this 7.5' tree from Home Depot, an easy-assembly, non-prelit tree that was 20% off in honor of black Friday weekend. We brought it home and I made Matt stand outside and fake "cut it down" so that I could have the cute photo that everyone else seemed to have on Facebook and Instagram about their "First Tree". And then, naturally, we made the mistake of bringing it inside.

Apparently, my fuzzy-children do not care that the tree is fake, nor do they care that it is comprised of thin, unstable, metal branches. They don't mind one bit that the tree weighs a total of 20 lbs and could easily be knocked over on top of one of them, tragically breaking their little kitty necks. The most frustrating part of this was that I hadn't even decorated it yet: no lights, no skirt, no cat-toy-like ornaments to encourage their curiosity. It was simply the fact that the tree WAS IN THE HOUSE that made them nutty.

So for the last week I have been standing guard in the living room with a pink water bottle, ready to aim and fire at a moment's notice. I should point out here that I'm a terrible shot. And the smaller of the two fluffballs doesn't really mind getting wet anyway. Honestly, it's a wonder that the plastic tree hasn't grown with the amount of water I have dumped on it in my efforts to prevent it's demise.

December 4, 2014

How to: Paint Chip Art

And I'm back! 

Wow, Thanksgiving is over. I can't believe it. I hope you all had an absolutely wonderful holiday. Matt and I took a trip up North to visit my family and I abandoned my blog for the week in an attempt to reach a more pure vacation induced Nirvana. 

I did not reach vacation Nirvana, and naturally it was all a whirlwind, BUT I'm grateful that I was able to take the time off to go home and see some very special people.

Anyway, before I left I was working on a project that got put on the back burner temporarily. I put together the item and then stopped in the middle to redo my bathroom, least my art not match the decor. I took Veterans Day and the following Sunday to scrape the ceiling, prime and paint the guest bathroom in an effort to change it from hideous brown to a perkier green color... which brings us back to my project! 

It's something that I have seen on Pinterest quite a bit that I've been meaning to do: "Paint Chip Art." Over the past months, I have horded paint chips like its my second job. It's a wonder I haven't been kicked out of every Lowes, Home Depot, Benjamin Moore and Ace in town for my collective behavior. Just a small bunch at a time, I have single-handedly wiped clean the "blue" paint chip section of all the local stores. 

To kick off this project I found an old frame out in the garage that was decorative looking, but wasn't too big. It already had some art in it but it was a print that I could do without, so I figured I could use it for this project. I also had some paint laying around left over from other residual DIYs, which I used to fancy up the frame. 

So all in all, this cost me absolutely nothing. 


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