December 4, 2014

How to: Paint Chip Art

And I'm back! 

Wow, Thanksgiving is over. I can't believe it. I hope you all had an absolutely wonderful holiday. Matt and I took a trip up North to visit my family and I abandoned my blog for the week in an attempt to reach a more pure vacation induced Nirvana. 

I did not reach vacation Nirvana, and naturally it was all a whirlwind, BUT I'm grateful that I was able to take the time off to go home and see some very special people.

Anyway, before I left I was working on a project that got put on the back burner temporarily. I put together the item and then stopped in the middle to redo my bathroom, least my art not match the decor. I took Veterans Day and the following Sunday to scrape the ceiling, prime and paint the guest bathroom in an effort to change it from hideous brown to a perkier green color... which brings us back to my project! 

It's something that I have seen on Pinterest quite a bit that I've been meaning to do: "Paint Chip Art." Over the past months, I have horded paint chips like its my second job. It's a wonder I haven't been kicked out of every Lowes, Home Depot, Benjamin Moore and Ace in town for my collective behavior. Just a small bunch at a time, I have single-handedly wiped clean the "blue" paint chip section of all the local stores. 

To kick off this project I found an old frame out in the garage that was decorative looking, but wasn't too big. It already had some art in it but it was a print that I could do without, so I figured I could use it for this project. I also had some paint laying around left over from other residual DIYs, which I used to fancy up the frame. 

So all in all, this cost me absolutely nothing. 

Zero Dollars.  

And took about 30 minutes of time, which is only because it took me so long to cut out the little circles. But, if you're looking to fancy up your bathroom, or your bedroom, or your front foyer space, this is an easy, very doable project for a DIY novice! So plop down in front of your favorite Netflix show with a few bits and pieces and let's go!

What You Need

•  Scissors
•  Stencil (in my case, I used a business card and a shot glass to make my template)
•  Picture frame
•  Paint color of choice (I used Rustoleum Metallic Satin Nickle)
•  Sand paper
•  Glue stick
•  Piece or cardboard, paper cut to size or frame backing
•  Paint chips
•  Nylon letters (optional)

What You Do

1. Cut out your desired template to be used on the paint chips. I chose a circle, partially because I wanted a "bubble" effect that I could use in the guest bathroom and also because I didn't think I could get an even looking triangle or rectangle, which was what I initially wanted.

2.Cut out your paint chips. I ended up cutting out a total of 70 circles to fill the 8x10 frame. 

3. After I cut out all my circles, I arranged them in a pattern that I liked and then started gluing them down. 

4. After the glue dried I cut off the edges that extended beyond the boundary of my backing.

5. I then left the cats to contemplate my artwork in a zen-like fashion while I painted my frame. I let it dry a few minutes between coats.

6. After the frame was painted, dried and gorgeous, I inserted my paint chip art.

7. After staring at the paint chips for more minutes than I am willing to openly admit I decided it was missing something. I had to run to the store for a few groceries and decided to pick up a small package of nylon, removable block lettering for $1.99 and added the word "BATH." Somehow it just feels a bit more complete but this step is totally up to you and is an unnecessary addition.

Cheap, easy, lovely DIY paint chip art - and it didn't (have to) cost a thing. You're welcome.


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