January 8, 2015

Currently Reading Vol. 1

Someone I know (Hi Dinks!) mentioned on Facebook the other day that she had set a New Years resolution to read one book a week and had not only completed her goal, but exceeded it with an astounding 60 books for the year. Anyone who says this is NOT astounding is 100% wrong. She is a teacher. OF SMALL CHILDREN. I don't know how she keeps her eyes open after 3 PM much less read, on average, more than one non-school book a week.

So I decided to take on her challenge as my own. I already read a lot but have never actually chronicled the journey. Not to mention, now that I've said/written it out loud, I'm more likely to keep myself accountable. So without further ado:

#1 - Yes, Please - Amy Poehler

This book is hilarious and I'm almost done with it, which always makes me a bit sad. I laughed more in the preface of this book than most comedy-inspired literature I've ever read (including Chelsea Handler's My Horizontal Life or Are You There Vodka, It's Me Chelsea, Ellen DeGeneres' Seriously I'm Kidding Or Tina Fey's Bossy Pants - all four of which are phenomenal books and highly recommended if you're up for a laugh or two). Somehow, Amy just takes the cake and despite the fact that its just really funny, it's also oddly inspiring in ways you might not expect. Have you read it? What do you think? Any books you'd recommend? I'm always open to suggestions!

You can buy it here:

Happy Reading!




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