January 17, 2015

'Make Me Up Before You Go Go'

I desperately want to be Jaclyn Hill. She is what some refer to as a "make up guru" and has a YouTube channel that I am obsessed with. (You can check her out here and here among other places in social media). She has mastered the art of applying cosmetics in a way that I am sure is impossible for the average human (me) to achieve. I know little to nothing about make up, how to apply it, what kind of skin type I really am or if I'm a NW30 or an NW25. 

I don't even know what that means.

What I do know, however, is how to clean my make up brushes and arrange them to look nice on my bathroom counter. I only somewhat recently became aware that you're supposed to clean your make up brushes EVERY SINGLE WEEK, some of them EVERYDAY which, I am ashamed to admit, I definitely do not do. So while I was busy trying to decide if anyone will notice that my foundation is too dark for my face and that it is in no way properly blended, I realized that my beauty blenders and brushes all need a good bath. So I decided to do a little how-to on cleaning your brushes when you're on a budget and can't afford (or are too lazy to get out of your sweatpants to go buy) the specialty cleanser that's out there.

What You Need

•  Dawn Dish Soap
•  Olive Oil
•  Small Bowls
•  Warm Water
•  Towel

What You Do

1. In your small bowl, pour approximately 2 tablespoons dawn dish soap and 1 tablespoon olive oil. You don't need exact measurements, but you want a ratio of about 2:1 soap to oil.

2. One at a time, swirl the brushes in the soap and oil mixture. You may notice some of the makeup coming out of the brush and once you have swirled for a minute or two, squeeze out the excess from the brushes.

3. Repeat swirling with each brush. If you use beauty blenders like I do, there is a separate wash for them. In a separate bowl, combine a few drops of Dawn and some warm water. 

4. Place your blenders in the warm water bath and let soak. Maybe you want to do this step first so they can relax in their little tub while you clean your brushes.

5. After you've swirled each brush and your blenders are loosey goosey (you'll know they're ready when the water starts to turn light brown... or whatever color foundation you wear), rise them all very thoroughly and lay flat to dry on a towel. 

** A note: when I was first learning the proper method to do this, I read somewhere that you should hang your brushes upside down. The person suggested using a wire hanger and clothes pins to achieve this. It's a good idea, but I was feeling lazy, and truthfully I have never had bad results by laying them flat. That being said, one thing that every makeup professional can agree on is not to let your brushes dry standing up (e.g. bristles on top). This can ruin your brushes. DO NOT DO IT.**

6. After my brushes are dry (I let them lay out over night), I like to arrange them in a little bowl. I had these items laying around my house from a Dollar Store score a few months ago. I've seen it done with little plastic or glass crystals, but my Dollar Store didn't have them, so I improvised with what I already had.

That's it. This really doesn't cost much since it's mostly done with items you already have and it works great. The soap gets all the left over make up (and dead skin or demodex - those are eyelash mites, nearly half of all adults have them and I do not recommend looking them up, ever, YUCK. I do not even like to think about things like this) and the oil conditions the bristles to keep them soft and replenished. They're like new! I promise.

Now ladies (and gents, if that's your thing) go wash your makeup applicators.  Your skin will thank you!


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