February 6, 2015

Currently Reading Vol. 3

Now that I am FINALLY done with Jeff Vandermeer's book, Annihilation, I can move on. While I'm sure the book is good on a literary level or from a sci-fi standpoint or blahblahblah, it was not my cup of tea. TIME TO GO, JEFF. This book took me three times longer than I should have allowed it to but I just could not get into it and I didn't want to abandon it.

Alright fine, it just makes me feel like I've failed or something. Yeah, I know. I've got nerdy issues.

Now that I'm playing catch up on my end goal for the year, I'm going to read Gone Girl, by Jillian Flynn. I've already read the book once a few years ago and seen the movie, but my brother bought me my own copy for Christmas and it's time to settle in to something more my genre (for a second time).

If you haven't read it or seen it or thought about it, you should. This book is awesome.



  1. I am the same way with books. I hate abandoning them no matter how bad they are!! Especially if it's a book that I've heard good things about. I keep telling myself, "It'll get better. It has to get better." And then I find myself 3/4 of the way through and it hasn't gotten better, but at that point, you figure you might as well finish it. I wish I could just accept that it's bad early on and give it up! haha.

    1. I know! I was just explaining this to a coworker. I hate stopping in the middle and it's something I never, ever used to do. My goal is not to leave any word unread but I started skimming the end of this one just to make it go by faster. There are so many books in the world. I should just cut my losses and move on!



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