February 20, 2015

How to: Easy Pillow Covers

While I was out shopping for the fabric for my new headboard (tutorial coming shortly), I decided to pick out some fabric to cover up my living room pillows. My pillows are a hand-me-down from my Gram when she replaced her own and while they're very soft and match my decor perfectly, they are the exact same color as my couch. The weather has been so dreary lately that all the brown inside this house is starting to get me down. 

I love neutrals but I wanted to spice the place up a little. I'm still in the process of decorating the walls and bringing some color to this place, so I figured the pillows were a good place to start. 

These pillow cases are super easy to make and only take a few minutes if you have a sewing machine or are a novice sewer. 

What You Need


What You Do

1. I bought a yard of fabric, as my pillows are 17" x 17"  wide and I needed a few inches of overlap. I cut my fabric the width of my pillows plus one inch (17" + 1" = 18" wide) and doubled the length of my pillows and added 6" (17" x 2" = 34" then 34" + 6" = 40" long). 

2.  Pin back half an inch of the fabric on the short sides to make a seam. Non-lazy people will iron the seam for easier sewing. I am not that person. I just pin and go. My lines will never be straight, iron or no iron. Sew down the seam (I sew about 3/8" from the edge). 

3. With the fabric pretty-side up, lay your pillow on top of your fabric and wrap the fabric around the pillow. Your fabric should overlap, this is where the "pocket" part will be formed. Pin the overlapping fabric on both edges.

4. Remove the pillow from the fabric and lay the fabric flat. I start in the center and pin to the corners to make sure that my corners are tight and flat. Do this on each side of the soon-to-be pillow case.

5. Sew 3/8" along each side of the pillow case. Take care to make sure that your fabric is lined up. I didn't on one side and had to pull out part of my seam.

6. After both sides are sewn, flip your fabric inside out and poke out the corners (a pencil might help if the corners are very small or stuck. I was able to do it with my finger). 

7. Tuck your pillow into the case! You're done!



  1. Love!!!! I just made a new headboard too!!! Need to find the time to get the post up! We will have to compare DIY tutorials! Can't wait to see how yours turns out! wow sorry for all the exclamation points- sadly fabric gets me really excited haha

    Katie @ www.runningaragnar.com

    1. I'm with you! I'm craft-store and fabric crazy! I can't wait to see your headboard. This is definitely a first project of this nature. I'm hoping to use my now expert stapling skills to reupholster a chair I just found. No idea what I'm doing, but we'll wing it and see! And that begs the question - the headboard took me hours! How on earth do you find time to run, work, school, run some more, cook crazy awesome meals, travel all over the place AND craft? Good gracious woman. Send me your secrets! Amazing!

  2. HAHA Kristy- I am super high strung and have NOOOOO idea how to relax. and when I get an idea I have to do it RIGHT NOW- so impatient! Headboard took me about 3 hours :). I am also lucky to work from home and at my discretion so that leaves more time for school and cooking etc! I also wake up early to run at times :)

    PLEASE reupholster the chair and teach me everything!

    1. I just assumed you never sleep! And I will figure out the chair and I will share my trials and tribulations!



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