February 7, 2015

How to: Valentines Day Wreath (& Other V-Day Decor)

I will do virtually anything to try and distract visitors to our home from getting a full view of our front door. It desperately needs to be sanded and repainted and I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can get to it. Right now, it's hideous green and I have every intention of painting it black (along with the shutters) as soon as I can work outside without a jacket. 

To compensate for my ugly door I have made a goal to make a wreath for every possible holiday. Not only does it give me something to do but it also hides the blemishes in a fun and cute way.

So as usual, while trolling the internet for projects to do, I visited my favorites for some inspiration. First, I stopped over to visit Sarah at MakeGrowDo and admired her adorable Valentines Day Wreath. Then I dipped over the Pinterest to look over the boards for the projects that the lovely ladies I follow have came up with to celebrate and decorate their homes.That's where I found this one by Amy Cornwell. I decided to merge Sarah's and Amy's concepts to come up with my own wreath for very cheap.

I scored the materials for my wreath for less than $10 from Micheal's and I didn't even use a coupon (I mean, of course I used a coupon, but on a picture frame, instead). Then I used my left overs and some other stuff I had on hand to jazz up the fireplace.

This is fun and simple and you only need a handful of things, so let's get to it.

What You Need

Cardboard or heart-shaped wreath form
Hot glue gun
Stitching needle
Felt in a few different colors

What You Do

1. Cut out a heart shape on a large piece of paper (or if you're more skilled than I am, you can freehand it, but I am not that brave.

2. Use the cut out to trace the pattern on a piece of cardboard.

3. Use the box cutter or scissors to cut out the pattern on the in and outsides. My cut out is about 3.5 cm wide (it doesn't have to be exact). 

4. Knot your yard around the heart (doesn't really matter where you start). 

5. Wrap the entire heart shape in yarn. I used hot glue intermittently  throughout to prevent the yarn from slipping. 

6. Once you get to the end, make sure to secure any loose areas with a little hot glue. 

7. Cut out the shapes you want to use on your wreath. This is the inspiration I got from Sarah's project. I absolutely loved her little felt hearts and I am so not talented enough in the sewing department to accomplish them, so I improvised. You should definitely go check out her Etsy shop though, SillyOllie. It's full of super adorable ornaments and things and highly recommended. I've been eyeing a few of her things for myself as a matter of fact.

8. Anyway, adhere your adornments to the wreath with a little hot glue. For stability, I also hot glued a small piece of cardboard to the back of each felt shape. Use some ribbon to hang and voila!

And there you have it. Easy as pie!
Oh, and here's is the little banner I made, too:

Happy Valentines, Y'all!


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