February 13, 2015

Listening To

This American Life - Episode #33, "Wake Up Now"

I've been taking a little break from Sword & Scale because, while I enjoy it a great deal, sometimes the clips they play just last forever and I get frustrated. SO, taking a little S&S hiatus. 

This American Life is created by the same producer that put on Serial, which I talked about a few weeks ago. I enjoy how their episodes are put together and that the recordings are free from background noise. It is obviously produced in a formal studio and it truly makes all the difference.

This episode isn't my favorite, but it's still pretty good. Yesterday I listened to Episode #521, "Bad Baby" which talked about instances of just what it sounds like - really bad kids. It discusses whether they are naturally bad and whether they grow out of it. It was really interesting, and at times, amusing to listen to. I'm finding that this show tends to take me through a roller coaster of emotions and I'm enjoying it very much.

You can check out their website, ThisAmericanLife.org, for details on stories, access to their blogs, vaults and social media following. 

Recommended for your listening pleasure.


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