February 12, 2015

Ten Things

Thoughts I've had recently:

1. Did the kitten actually eat those tooth picks he found or did he just stash them away for me to find later, splintering out of my vacuum like shrapnel?

2. How many spoonfuls of peanut butter can a person consume before they overdose? Is it possible I just beat the world record? What IS the world record?

3. Is it unreasonable to make house rules that pants shall not be worn after 7PM?

4. Boys are gross.

5. I have a craft problem. Is there a crafter's anonymous?

6. At what point does binge watching Netflix become unhealthy?

7. Should I change my outgoing voice mail to "hang up and text me instead?"

8. Seriously considering training my cats to use the people-bathroom. You know, like in Meet the Parents. Has anyone else ever done that?

9. I haven't bought a pair of shoes in six months and I am getting antsy. Does that make me basic? Is basic still a thing? Why am I so old?

10. Stop looking at me like that. I don't think 8 PM is too early a bedtime.  

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