March 11, 2015

Currently Reading Vol. 4

The Storyteller - Jodi Picoult

Just started this one and it's brand spankin' new to me. It was a Christmas gift from Matt's parents and I have been saving it for last on my list. I am a huge Jodi fan and have read many of her books. I appreciate the twists and turns that she surprises her readers with and enjoy the emotional investment that her novels require. She's an exquisite example of just what an author should be. 

The synopsis:
"Sage Singer is a baker. She works through the night, preparing the day’s breads and pastries, trying to escape a reality of loneliness, bad memories, and the shadow of her mother’s death. When Josef Weber, an elderly man in Sage’s grief support group, begins stopping by the bakery, they strike up an unlikely friendship. Despite their differences, they see in each other the hidden scars that others can’t. 
Everything changes on the day that Josef confesses a long-buried and shame­ful secret and asks Sage for an extraordinary favor. If she says yes, she faces not only moral repercussions, but potentially legal ones as well. With the integrity of the closest friend she’s ever had clouded, Sage begins to question the assumptions and expectations she’s made about her life and her family. In this searingly honest novel, Jodi Picoult gracefully explores the lengths to which we will go in order to keep the past from dictating the future."

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