March 28, 2015

How to: Succulent Terrarium Tutorial

I finally did it. I finally jumped on the succulent bandwagon.

Much credit to Sarah at MakeGrowDo because I've been mercilessly eyeballing hers every time she posts about them on Facebook or Instagram and I just couldn't help myself.

So while walking around Home Depot with Matt for wall-bed supplies (I can't wait to show you guys what he's made!) I took a little detour into the garden center to pick up a few succulents of my own.

Castle DIY
Aren't they cute?

And I had absolutely no idea what to do with them.

I decided that the terrarium method was probably the way to go. I'm typically a black thumb - I can't grow anything that lives in the dirt. Even the little evergreen tree that Matt's mother gave me for Christmas has suffered a sad little fate. I am still trying to help it recuperate from the pain of living under my roof.

So I picked up a few supplies based on a bit of research (e.g., I sat in the Dollar Store parking lot Googling) and after that it was a piece of cake!

Cactus Soil
Carbon (if you don't have cactus soil)
Glass jar/bowl (preferably with a wide opening)

1. Pick your succulents. I chose two little green ones, a purple one and a little bright red cactus, for some color.

Castle DIY

2. In the bottom of the bowl, I put a small layer of sand and over that, a layer of gravel. Because succulents are of the cactus family, they need proper drainage.

Castle DIY

3. In a separate bowl, I mixed together regular potting soil and a handful of carbon (you can find it near the aquarium stuff in the grocery store). The carbon acts as a filtration system for the succulents and a few resources I found recommended either layering it or mixing it into the soil.

Castle DIY

4. I arranged (and rearranged) my little plants in the soil until they were to my liking. Once I had them settled, I added a top layer of moss for aesthetics and a little handful of pebbles and voila! Terrarium.

Castle DIY

Sarah gave me some good advice, which was to check the leaves of the plants to get a feel for what they're like when they're well hydrated and healthy. Right now they're alive and well, but lucky for these little cacti, I've only had them a few hours.

So we'll just have to see who kills them first: me or the cats! I promise to keep you posted.



  1. Can't wait to take my sad little plants out of their containers and make something like this! SO fun!

    1. If I knew whether or not I could keep them alive, I would have these little terrariums all over my house! They're so cute and so far, my cats have *barely* tried to eat them. I'll wait a little while and see how this one turns out. I'd love to see yours when you get around to it!



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