March 16, 2015

Weekend Round Up

Spring is just around the corner here in South Carolina and my springy-senses are tingling. When it's warm like it has been the last few days, I feel myself becoming more motivated and the desire to accomplish things - to not waste any minutes of the best time of the year - is overwhelming. 

So to kick off the start of the new season, I decided to wrap up a few on-going projects that I had lying around the house over the last few weekends. I was in need of a new wreath to replace the Valentine's Day one I posted a few weeks ago, so I took a trip to the dollar store for some springy new supplies. I had acquired a few large frames from Matt's mother a few weekends back, so I took them out to the garage to spray them with a fresh coat of paint. I played around with some water colors and acrylics to come up with some new art to decorate the house and I filled some dollar-store-frames with scrapbook paper. Although they certainly weren't big projects, I still had the feeling of accomplishing a thing or two and that always makes for a successful weekend. 

TLDR: Here's the stuff I did over the last few weekends (prepare for photo dump):

1. Wreath Update (with dollar store flowers) - total cost $3.27.

2. Updating Art - total cost $0.

From this...
To this!
3. Scrapbook Paper Art - $10 (for a 180 sheet ream of scrapbook paper at Micheal's!) and three Dollar Tree frames, spray painted. Total cost = $13. 

4. Drab to Fab Tray Makeover - total cost, $0. 

I worked on a few other things that aren't blog worthy (like a piece of abstract art that I may post about later for giggles) and Kayce and I never actually got to craft wedding things, as we kept re-planning the projects. But all in all, I'm satisfied with my weekend escapades. 

Matt's still working on that wall-bed, a project which I have left to his creative mind, so I'll have to keep you updated. He's about halfway through, so it should be interesting to see how it comes out. So far, he has done a beautiful job and I cannot wait to see and share the finished product.

Next Saturday, some of the girls and I are taking a trip to the Biltmore and I could not be more excited. So many things to see, food to eat and pictures to take! It should be a great day. AND Biggest Loser starts today! So I might be experimenting with healthy-ish recipes that may or may not end up here. They will probably turn out terrible, but all the more reason to post about it.

So many fun things! Have I mentioned I love Spring?



  1. OMG.. that tray!!! Love, love, love. I'm always keeping my eyes open at thrift stores for trays.. so perfect for organizing the home!

    1. Thank you! I had a lot of fun figuring that one out and deciding what to do with it. I have another tray that has a really beautiful grain but I sort of wanted to do this project a second time! I might hold out for some thrifty finds, but that little tray has it's days numbered as far as wooden finishes go.



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