April 28, 2015

A Word on Upward Mobility

Last week during my commute, the morning host on the radio show I've been listening to started babbling about the episode of Grey's Anatomy that had aired the night before. I won't spoil it, in the event you're behind an episode or two and Facebook hasn't already totally ruined it for you, but so many people discussed the happenings and how they just could not believe what had occurred - that they had been watching for so long, and it felt like time stopped, and they have never felt so sad.

I don't much care about the show myself, but I had a strikingly similar circumstance when I pulled up my Blogger feed. There are a number of blogs that I follow, that I have been following for some time now - not least of which is that run by Heather B. Armstrong of Dooce.com.

Heather has been on my bloggy-radar for 14 years, before she became the Urban Dictionary definition of a "mommy blogger." I have followed along with her as she transformed the web, first gaining notoriety because she was fired for writing about her job, and her coworkers at that institution, on the Internet. This mishap has made her one of the most controversial and sought after (and brilliant, I might add) mommy bloggers in the world.

I have watched Heather transcend the confines of traditional blogging, watched her shape the way that we communicate our online lives; I have laughed with her, cried with her, watched her grow, watched her children grow, watched her battle the inner demons of postpartum depression, watched her fall in and out of love, and all from the comfort of my desk chair. Despite never having known her personally, I feel like I do, and at the risk of sounding condescending, I am so proud of her for all that she has accomplished - all that she does for her community, society and the women of the world. She is incredible and inspirational and hilarious and I could only dream that my blog (or life for that matter) could accomplish even a small fraction of what her's has. She has inspired me to be a better writer, a better person, and certainly more daring in my online life.

And so, that brings us to last week, when Heather announced that while she is not giving up her blog, she is moving up and away from it and taking her career to new platforms, to new heights. I am elated for her. And perhaps selfishly, I am also a bit heartbroken. It is bizarre to me to imagine a blogosphere that doesn't have Dooce's constant presence in it. But I am so very happy for her, for her accomplishments, and I wish her all the best as she pursues this new path in her career. Her new website, HeatherBArmstrong.com, which launched on April 23rd, offers her consulting, speaking and writing services, and anyone with a need for a strong, driven, accomplished female presenter with a fantastic sense of humor, should just go ahead and contact her now. I'm willing to bet she'll have open appointments left for some time in 2020.

And for the rest of us - those still stuck behind a computer desk somewhere in corporate America, living our lives in the day-to-day monotony of a dimly lit office, just hoping to inspire creativity and positively influence the lives of those around us - well, we can just go back and start re-reading from the beginning.

Congratulations, Heather.

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