April 4, 2015

How to: Corkboard Jewelry Organizer

My grandmother is a very special lady. She is one of my best friends and my biggest supporters. She knows about home remedies and gives good advice. She can tell me when to plant my spring flowers and what kind of voodoo to curse my grass with to make it grow. She is all the wonders that a grandmother should be.

She is also one of the most ridiculous people I know. 

Two years ago, while tidying up her apartment, I noted that I liked her jewelry box. Her natural response to this comment was that I could have it when she died and to go ahead and write my name on it now. I said that I would just wait. But a few weeks later, she had cleaned it out for me so that I could have it in time for my move to South Carolina. (Don't worry guys, she's still alive and well.)

So now it sits on my dresser in our bedroom harboring as much jewelry as I can stuff into it. The necklace carousel is lopsided due to the weight of my necklaces, which are relatively jumbled and tangled together in a mess. My earrings are all tossed in the little drawer all together so that I have to dump out the whole drawer in order to find a pair. 

So while scouring Pinterest a few weeks ago, I saw a board on jewelry organization and it got me thinking about steps I could take to organize my everyday jewelry for easy accessibility and separate them from my more special-occasion pieces. Ultimately I settled on a corkboard for my necklaces. It was simple to make and serves its purpose well. I only needed a few bits and pieces to put it all together, and it cost me nothing as I already had all of the stuff at home (and you might, too!). So without further ado:

Staple gun

1. I used a roll of cork that I had acquired from the craft store and cut it to the size of a 12" x 16" canvas. I then stapled the cork to the canvas.

Castle DIY

Castle DIY

2. I ironed my fabric of choice and laid it over my cork/canvas concoction. I secured the fabric to the back of the canvas using my stapler, pulling tightly to ensure it sat flat and taunt against the cork.

Castle DIY

Castle DIY

3. Arrange pushpins in desired pattern and hang. You now have a necklace organizer! You're welcome.

Castle DIY
From this...
Castle DIY
To this! Poor choice of fabric for pictures. It's a bit of an optical illusion, but you get the idea!

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