April 11, 2015

How to: Easy Tile Coasters

At some point along my life journey, I became my father. It may have been the first time I said the words "THIS IS NOT A PLAYGROUND," or the first time I started looking at things and thinking that I could make them myself, but more likely it was around the time that I started hoarding junk to be used for future projects.

If you ask my dad, he will tell you that I give him a hard time for keeping a bunch of other people's crappy stuff leftovers laying around; and he would be right. I have accused my dad on more than one occasion of being a hoarder and have threatened to call the producers of the show to feature him on one of their episodes. My dad is afraid of throwing things out because you just never know when you might need a rusted metal slab or a broken wicker chair.

This seems to be a trait that I have picked up, as I have been carting around a handful of scraps and materials from miscellaneous places for the last few years. One item that I've had for a particularly long time is a stack of plain, white tiles that I acquired from... er... well... somewhere. I have no idea where they came form, actually. I had decided quite some time ago that I would turn these tiles into coasters and it has taken me up until now to do so. If you don't have tiles just laying about, you can get some like these from Lowe's or Home Depot for a couple bucks.

Castle DIY
This project is pretty easy, and there are dozens of ways you could do it. If you have kids, let them go crazy with some paints or sharpies. If you're a neurotic adult like me, use complimentary sheets of scrapbook paper or if you're really anal about it, you can use wrapping paper and line up the patterns to be identical on each. You could also use glitter, spray paint, stencils, decoupage rub-ons, gold leaf, etc. Endless possibilities for the creative mind.

Roll of Cork
E6000 (or other adhesive)
Art supplies/paper
Mod Podge

1. Decorate your tiles. I chose to do mine with scrapbook paper because I wanted different, bright patterns to decorate my coffee table with. I cut the paper to the size of my tiles, less about a quarter inch. I then used a spray adhesive to attach the paper to the top of the tile.

Castle DIY

This stuff rocks.
2. Paint a coat of Mod Podge (can I just tell you that I just discovered that it's Mod Podge and not MODGE Podge? Why did no one ever point this out to me?! I've been spelling it wrong forever!) over the top of the decorated tile to help fend off moisture from glasses that sweat.

3. Cut a piece of cork to fit your tile (mine are 3.5" x 3.5") and adhere to the bottom with the E6000.

4. Place cork side down on some newspaper or other protected surface. I used a few heavy items to weigh mine down and left to cure overnight.

5. You're done!

Castle DIY

Castle DIY
Added little bonus. How cute is he?!

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