April 17, 2015

Sneak Peek: Wall Bed Edition

Matt has been working on my wall bed for over a month - after work and on the weekends and even his seldom days off. He planned it, sketched it out, bought the materials, hauled them home, put them together, took them apart, put them together again, added hinges and screws and nails and glue and shelves and just general awesomeness. And then he came in and cooked me dinner (once). He is the absolute best.

With his help, I primed the unit on Saturday, followed by two coats of paint. Honestly, it could have used one more, but I am so excited that I just couldn't wait. Two coats will have to do.

We brought it in from the garage (a story for later!) and squeezed it into my office/craft/guest room. I still have some painting to do, and there are some parts and pieces to add, but it is [THISCLOSE] to being finished. I'll be blogging about it eventually, but I just wanted to share a little sneak peek...

Eeek! The anticipation is killing me. Just a few finishing touches and I can show you the functional beauty of this piece of homemade furniture! You're going to wish you had one, I guarantee it.


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