May 16, 2015

Garage Sale Scores & Other Weekend Fun

So if you read my post last weekend, it got a little serious around here.

Sorry about that. Don't worry though, we're back to crafty and frugal and sarcastic and whatnot.

Which brings us to two weekends ago, when Matt and I went out for our Saturday morning chicken biscuit and on the way home happened upon a garage sale (or for us Yankees, a "tag" sale) sign in the adjacent ritzy neighborhood. Naturally, my frugal senses started tingling and I asked Matt if he would mind driving through.

Guys. SO. MANY. YARD SALES. Seriously... dozens. Frugal shoppers paradise!

We did a few drive-bys and hit the jackpot on the third yard. I spotted two rather large mirrors leaning against the garage door of one woman's sale and I hollered kindly asked for Matt to stop the car. I asked the woman if anyone else had scooped up these fine mirrors to which she replied no - and when I asked her the price, she shrugged. "Five bucks a piece?"

FIVE DOLLARS A PIECE. Tag sale score. I was so excited that I didn't even try to negotiate.

Matt also landed two Playstation 3 games for $3 each. He thinks he won the garage sale, but I know that I did.

Matt actually had to leave me in the yard of this stranger so that he could drive back to the house and pick up my truck. The mirrors were so large that they didn't fit in his little sports car. Just to give you some perspective, I have been eyeballing mirrors almost identical to these ones for months. The closest I've come to buying one was at Home Goods, and that one was $50 and not as large. Essentially I saved $90+ on mirrors and they totally change the feel of the room.

One of them had an antique gold and white frame and I really, really liked how it looked. The other mirror was a little smaller, silver and it matched the decor in the living room and entry. I was thinking that the larger of the two would go over the shoe cabinet by the front door and that the smaller might be useful in the bedroom or future guest/craft room. But after lifting them up and down and making Matt hold them over various places on the wall while I stood back hemming and hawing over their location, I threw all my design plans out the window: the large would go over the mantle and the smaller over the shoe cabinet.

Despite the fact that I really loved the antique gold, it didn't jive with the living room. All our furniture is brown and tan and the gold and white just didn't compliment the rest of the decor. I grabbed a can of Rustoleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB) spray paint and this color is the perfect shade of brown/black metallic. It's lovely. I taped off the mirror and took it out to the garage to spray paint. Within an hour I had a freshly painted and perfectly coordinated mirror.

Low light + no tripod = blurry photo. But you get the idea.

I hung the mirrors (with only minor measuring mishaps - you can't even tell). They could not be more perfect! I am so happy with the result. Already it feels like a more "grown up" space and it only cost me $10!

I should mention here that we've lived in this house ten months and I'm only just now getting around to hanging stuff up on the walls. We've been living like peasants. 

We wrapped up the weekend by hanging out with a handful of friends and a very cute puppy named Delilah. I brought my camera but I very seldom remember to use it in social settings. That being said however, I did capture a few shots that I thought I'd share!

Would you just look at this face?!

Photo cred to Matt.
We had a great weekend and got a handful of things accomplished, which is always my goal, and I got to play with an adorable little pup! What more could you ask for?!



  1. We made it on the blog! Woohoo! castlediy famous!

    1. I wish there was a "like" button for your comment. I promise to share royalties. ;)



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