June 21, 2015

Wall Bed Reveal!

It's like Christmas in July June! I am so excited to share this with you guys today. You'll remember I have mentioned the wall bed a handful of times (here and here and here and here) and it is finally, finally (FINALLY!!) finished.

I had intended to post about it last weekend. And then when that didn't pan out, I promised again (publicly!) that it would be up on Monday. And then it wasn't. ALL WEEK. I failed multiple days in a row. And it's totally Matt's fault.

We can't be mad at him though. Matt was an absolute wiz at all the planning, building, cutting, sawing, drilling, sanding, puttying, and otherwise-technical parts of the project. In fact, he pretty much did the whole thing himself. 

But I primed (with this oil based primer) and painted (with this in satin finish)! And added the little handles (from Home Depot). Priorities.

And then he unpainted - or rather: reapplied putty, sanded and repainted - a section because it was "bothering him". No matter. It's finally done.

All in all, the project cost a total of about $500, which seems like a lot, but compared to the pre-fab kits which run around $1800, I'd still say we made out on top.

I can't actually describe much of the building process to you because Matt spend countless hours alone in the garage measuring and gluing and assembling this thing until it became his enemy. And ultimately, neither of us was very good about taking pictures or keeping up with the step-by-step. This was definitely one of those wing-it-as-you-go projects.

So when I asked my handsome fiancé if he could do a little write up for me of what the process was actually like, this is what he said:

1. Buy all the stuff
2. Realize that it's the wrong stuff
3. Cut the wrong stuff to try and make the right stuff
4. Build things with cut stuff
5. Realize built thing doesn't fit
6. Cut stuff off the built thing
7. Paint, paint, paint to cover bad stuff

I'd say it's a fair and accurate representation. There was a point in the process where he had the bed fully assembled in the garage and we weren't completely sure we'd be able to navigate it down our narrow hallway. It didn't occur to either of us that it might not fit until after the frame was complete and everything was strongly fastened together with glue and nails and screws and more glue. But with a little luck and some clever maneuvering we managed to make it down the length of hall and into the guestroom with only a handful of wall-scuffs and curse words (and worry not, neither of the cats were squished in the process). 

That being said, here are the pictures I did take for your viewing pleasure.

I'm so completely thrilled with how it came out! I have a place for my books. I have a place for my guests when they visit. And now I have space in the room to set up my craft stuff. That's my kind of DIY!

A BIG F-A-T thank you goes to Matt for his work ethic, endless patience and complete willingness to trust my judgement and make my dreams into reality! 



  1. Great Job ! Looks amazing! What a perfect use of space!

    Katie @ Katie Wanders


    1. Thank you! I went in there this morning and did a little twirl just because I COULD. It feels wonderful to have the space back! The bed took up the whole room!

  2. I'm so impressed, I just forwarded this to Jeff!
    Xo Brooke

    1. Thanks for passing it along, Brooke! I'm so happy with how it came out. Now I'll have to get some visitors to come down and use it. *coughcough*.



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