July 25, 2015

How to: Clothespin Magnets

I'm back on the magnet-wagon!

With the pictures, invitations, announcements, and ever-important bills arriving in the mail almost daily, I'm running out of vertical fridge space! A few months back, I made a handful of cute little magnets and I use them for everything. But I needed a few more and was fresh out of glass beads and round magnets, so I decided to make some out of clothespins. Super easy, less than 20 minutes, and free, these magnets work great. And even if you don't have the materials at home, you won't spend more than $5 on the stuff you need to make these and they're great, easy projects for kids!

July 19, 2015

DIY Wedding, #1

Seeing as we've only been engaged two-ish months, I'm relatively new at the wedding thing and the wedding planning thing and the wedding organizing thing, but by God I intend to be good at it.

I have been knee deep in wedding muck since just a mere four days after Matt proposed. I have a Pinterest board, have ordered, received and read A Practical Wedding (the book and the website), and have spent hours and hours pouring over etiquette advice, inspiration boards and wedding forums courtesy of WeddingWire, WeddingBee, Offbeat Bride and TheKnot.

And while I'm not going to spill all my secrets about my DIY wedding right now (although I did make some paper flowers...) I wanted to take a minute to share some of the resources I've found that are proving to be very helpful.

- - -

July 15, 2015

Happy Amazon Prime Day!

It's Amazon Prime Day and for all of us crazy Amazon folks, that makes us wiggle in our boots.

They've got some great deals today and I recommend you take a little peek and get ready, because the stuff is flying off the invisible Amazon shelves faster than you can click!

(Eeek! I love sales. To see all their deals, click here for Amazon!)

Here's just a few things that I'm waiting on:

The Olay ProX Cleaning System
(Comparble to the Clarisonic Version)

This sweet looking party machine by Ion Audio

This beautiful crystal
decanter & bar set
These Kate Spade drop earrings

This outdoor speaker (for when we have a deck!)

July 12, 2015

How to: Paint & Distress Furniture (with Chalk Paint!)

Taking a cue from my friend Alex, who used a glorious shade of Anne Sloan chalk paint a few weekends ago on her dining room table, I decided to paint and update the dresser in my bedroom.

I'm going to start this story by telling you the end: it was a bit of a disaster. But I'm learning to live with it. It's a bit embarassing for me to complete a project that doesn't turn out the way that I expect, but it seems only fair that I should share both my victories and my semi-failures. This project falls in to the latter category.

This endeavor certainly wasn't on my Summer To Do List, but it's something I've been talking about doing for a good long while, and I knew I could do it for very little expense. Trying to pay wedding expenses as they roll in coupled with the added stress of trying to snowball some of my debts, I'm struggling to find projects I want to complete that can be done with a very, very small amount of funds.

But since I already had the dresser and you can buy chalk paint and wax at Home Depot for less than $20 each, I knew this was an attainable goal.

The dresser was donated to me by my great aunt and I have been hauling it from house to house for the last several years. The top is laminate, while the sides and draws are a veneer finish. I was a little nervous about painting it because I've never painted non-wood furniture before, but I figured it couldn't be THAT different. Note: it is THAT different, but still doable. Generally to be successful in painting wood that has a sheen on it you have to sand and prime first. But.. I was feeling lazy. Personally, I've never used chalk paint before this project but all research points to it being a lazy painter's dream: you don't have to prime, sand, or do any prep-work at all. You pretty much just paint it on, let it dry, and wax it a bit to finish and give it some durability.

Ultimately I didn't end up using wax, because the one that I tried to purchase at Home Depot had been recalled. So instead, I chose to use a polycrylic to preserve the paint. THIS IS A MISTAKE, but of course, I'll get to that.

July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Birthday America & Happy 4th to everyone else!

I sure do love a long weekend and this weekend has been off to a most excellent start. Yesterday I picked up my wedding gown! And now all I have to do is wait 330 days (thanks, The Knot, for the countdown) to wear it. [Disclaimer: there is a chance that I may just wear it around in my empty craft room on a somewhat regular schedule.]

Matt and I also went to Target to add a few things to our registry. We (specifically Matt) were a bit disappointed because they no longer use registry guns - they make you use an app on your phone, which is a great deal less fun. He picked out a handful of things from the kitchen section that have Good Eats/Elton Brown's seal of approval while I looked for the decorative items that I don't quite know what to do with. So many pots and pans and cooking utensils!

My lovely friend Roxy sold me her Groupon for Vista Print - $70 worth of materials for $27! - so that I could order my Save The Dates, which I spent many (many) hours designing. It wasn't until several hours after I designed and ordered them that I realized that I only needed about half the number I actually ordered. I keep thinking of things in terms of guests instead of families/couples and I'm so glad that the Vista Print deal saved me so much, otherwise I would have spent a very unnecessary fortune.

In other words, I'll be looking for crafty things to turn my Save The Dates into. Ideas are welcome.

I finished playing with our wedding website (another shout-out to The Knot) and despite what I have heard from other brides, I enjoy their services. They don't spam me nearly as often as people said that they would and I find their recommendations very helpful! Either way, I will probably change the layout eight more times because, eh, why not?

Today I'm being slightly less productive - I got Matt and I breakfast, and drove over to Michael's Arts & Crafts to pick up some pearl beads to use as centers for my paper flowers. Tonight we're heading to a friend's for grilling and hanging out and possibly spying low key fireworks put on by his neighbors.

I might get a few little projects done around the house, but probably not. We're kicking back this weekend and I am loving every second!

I hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend! Stay safe out there, elect a DD, let go of the fireworks after you light them and have a great time!



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