July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Birthday America & Happy 4th to everyone else!

I sure do love a long weekend and this weekend has been off to a most excellent start. Yesterday I picked up my wedding gown! And now all I have to do is wait 330 days (thanks, The Knot, for the countdown) to wear it. [Disclaimer: there is a chance that I may just wear it around in my empty craft room on a somewhat regular schedule.]

Matt and I also went to Target to add a few things to our registry. We (specifically Matt) were a bit disappointed because they no longer use registry guns - they make you use an app on your phone, which is a great deal less fun. He picked out a handful of things from the kitchen section that have Good Eats/Elton Brown's seal of approval while I looked for the decorative items that I don't quite know what to do with. So many pots and pans and cooking utensils!

My lovely friend Roxy sold me her Groupon for Vista Print - $70 worth of materials for $27! - so that I could order my Save The Dates, which I spent many (many) hours designing. It wasn't until several hours after I designed and ordered them that I realized that I only needed about half the number I actually ordered. I keep thinking of things in terms of guests instead of families/couples and I'm so glad that the Vista Print deal saved me so much, otherwise I would have spent a very unnecessary fortune.

In other words, I'll be looking for crafty things to turn my Save The Dates into. Ideas are welcome.

I finished playing with our wedding website (another shout-out to The Knot) and despite what I have heard from other brides, I enjoy their services. They don't spam me nearly as often as people said that they would and I find their recommendations very helpful! Either way, I will probably change the layout eight more times because, eh, why not?

Today I'm being slightly less productive - I got Matt and I breakfast, and drove over to Michael's Arts & Crafts to pick up some pearl beads to use as centers for my paper flowers. Tonight we're heading to a friend's for grilling and hanging out and possibly spying low key fireworks put on by his neighbors.

I might get a few little projects done around the house, but probably not. We're kicking back this weekend and I am loving every second!

I hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend! Stay safe out there, elect a DD, let go of the fireworks after you light them and have a great time!



  1. You can make an ornament for the tree! Google wedding invitation ornaments.

    1. Perhaps everyone will be getting one for Christmas! (and Valentines and Easter and Memorial Day...)



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