July 25, 2015

How to: Clothespin Magnets

I'm back on the magnet-wagon!

With the pictures, invitations, announcements, and ever-important bills arriving in the mail almost daily, I'm running out of vertical fridge space! A few months back, I made a handful of cute little magnets and I use them for everything. But I needed a few more and was fresh out of glass beads and round magnets, so I decided to make some out of clothespins. Super easy, less than 20 minutes, and free, these magnets work great. And even if you don't have the materials at home, you won't spend more than $5 on the stuff you need to make these and they're great, easy projects for kids!

What You Need

Paper of choice (optional)
Magnet Tape
Mod Podge
Paint brush or foam brush

What You Do

1. If you're decorating with paper, cut strips to fit the front of the clothespin. I used scrapbook paper that I already had on hand. You could also paint, decorate with pens/markers, glitter, dye, etc. I attached the paper strips by painting Mod Podge on the pin with the foam brush, attaching the paper, and painting another thin coat of Mod Podge over the top to seal it.

2. Let dry.

3. Cut oversize magnets to fit. Depending on the width of your magnet, you may need to cut them to size. I just cut them in half lengthwise.

4. Add a little Mod Podge to the back side of the clothespin and firmly attached the magnet. The magnet strips tend to come in a roll, so if you're having trouble flattening it, you may have to add a little pressure. If Mod Podge isn't strong enough to hold the magnet. you may want to use something stronger like E6000. Whichever you choose, place the magnets face down so that they have the weight of the magnet on top.

5. Give the glue a little time to adhere and...Voila! Easy!


1 comment:

  1. so simple- love this! never have enough magnets for all the save the dates on my fridge!

    Katie @ Katie Wanders



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