August 1, 2015

Tackling the To Do List: Mailbox Makeover

As promised, I am attempting to tackle my Summer To Do List and last weekend, my chosen project happened to be repainting my mailbox. I'd love to do a whole make-over on the space, but for now this will just have to do.

I updated the mailbox with a new coat of fresh black paint, hand-lettered our house number using liquid leaf and gave the flag a renewed vibrancy with some garnet spray paint. It's not perfect, but it's substantially better!

If your mailbox needs a little pick-me-up, don't hesitate. It was super easy and quick and I had the mailbox back on the post Sunday night before our mail-person was any the wiser.

What You Need

Spray paint
Protective clear coat
Liquid Leaf (or other paint color, lettering, etc)
Small paint brush
Screw driver

What You Do

1. Remove the mailbox from the post (you'll likely need a 1/4" Philips head screw driver for this).

2. Clean the mailbox of any debris (read: bird droppings) and give a good rub down to make sure the mailbox is clean of dust, dirt, bugs, webs, etc.

3. Let the mailbox dry in a cool place. If the mailbox is hot, the paint will dry too quickly and end up with a gloopy finish.

4. Remove the hardware from the mailbox. We only had a flag, but if you have any 3D numbers you will want to remove those as well. Clean off and paint desired color (or don't paint - ours looked awful).

5. Lay down newspaper to protect your surface, and spray the mailbox with a coat of your chosen color. Ours was previously black, and I decided to stick with that (until it gets another facelift down the road).

6. Let dry fully before handling. I gave it a few hours to dry and brought it inside to hand paint the letters. (I tried to get them even on both sides, but I'm not a miracle worker! What'd you expect!?) If you would rather not risk uneven numbering, you could use 3D lettering like this or stick on letters like these or you could even get fancy with something like this reflective address plaque - totally up to you.

7. Reattach hardware and spray with protective clear coat. I did two coats on mine, allowing 30 minutes to dry in between.

8. Reattach to mail post and there you have it! "New" mailbox.

This is no where near the level of awesome I intend for my mailbox, but I tackled this project on a whim with just a handful of items I had around the house. Honestly, it was an unplanned project on a Saturday afternoon because I could not think of anything else to do. But it looks a little better and for that I am grateful. Until next time!



  1. Love it, especially the gold leaf numbers!

  2. yep love the numbering! And the flag is so fun!
    Katie @ Katie Wanders



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