September 5, 2015

DIY Wall Art - Copy Cat Edition!

I have been talking about hanging pictures up around the house for months and while I was on break between jobs a few weeks ago I finally got the chance. Michael's was having a killer stock up sale which included my purchasing six 10" x 10" frames on clearance for $6 each (score!) and I had been scouring Pinterest looking for some artsy (frugal) inspiration to recreate for our house.

Matt has been giving me a hard time for the last six months because my stash of picture frames and canvases has grown exponentially and yet none of them have made it to a vertical surface. After spending so many hours painting after we moved in, it breaks my heart a little to litter the walls with holes and pencil marks. But something's got to give and since everything in this house seems to be brown (I have a problem with neutrals) I had to finally commit and get to work to bring some color to our lives.

The six frames I hung in the front foyer opposite the silver mirror I snatched at a garage sale to cover up the imperfections you can CLEARLY see, resulting from a terrible paint job (previous owners) and an equally awful sanding job (our fault). I haven't decided what to fill them with yet though I'm leaning towards "artsy-fartsy" black and white scenic shots. TBD.

Meanwhile, I also made a few abstract pieces to hang up, following a handful of tutorials by people much more talented than me! Links are to the originals and pictures are of my personal attempts!

1. Elegantly Untamed - Fluid Abstract Art

2. Grow Creative - Straw Painting

3. Persia Lou - Birch Tree Wall Art

4. Swoon Worthy - Abstract Impressionism

I had a blast looking for inspiration and I found that painting while watching Scrubs was a very relaxing way to end my post old-job, pre new-job vacation. And these projects were super simple! You don't have to be Picasso to make beautiful art for your house! I'd love to see y'all make some of your own and send pictures! I want to see them!

Happy decorating!


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