September 26, 2015

Plainville Hot Air Balloon Festival

Matt and I recently traveled to my hometown in CT to celebrate our engagement with my side of the family. While there, I got to see the many family members that I rarely have the opportunity to visit with and my aunt, grandmother and cousins helped put together a great little party for us. It was wonderful and the whole trip - however short - made coming back to South Carolina just that much harder than usual.

In addition to our wonderful party and the visits with my family; my dad, Matt and I went to Plainville, CT to see the hot air balloons go up at dawn. The hot air balloon festival is put on annually by the Plainville Fire Company and it truly is a sight to see. I've been before, but it was awesome to experience it with Matt and dad. Naturally, we had to get up at 4AM to make it there before the balloons went up, but it was a pretty neat opportunity to see them be filled with air and to slowly lift off the ground with the rising of the sun. Here are just a couple of the pictures I took:


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  1. Gorgeous photos of the balloons! What a fun trip! And congrats again on your engagement! Looked like a great party :)

    Katie @ Katie Wanders



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