October 4, 2015

Simple Halloween Wreath

Chances are, if you watch the weather channel, you're aware that there's been a dreadful hurricane making its path through the Atlantic. While it is hard to make light of the tragedy that has caused catastrophic damage to the Bahamas, someone posted this on Facebook and I cannot stop laughing:

It has been nonstop raining in the Carolinas for two weeks, and Hurricane Joaquin has only added to the gray. My plan for Saturday was to sit around on the couch watching tv, but I realized sometime around my second cup of coffee that my failure to accomplish anything this weekend would only make things seem more dismal. So I took a drive to the local Dollar Store and Walmart to pick up a few supplies for a Halloween inspired craft or two. 

From the Dollar Store I bought a bag of plastic bugs (which I painted with metallic spray paint and turned into magnets), a LED light up skull, some fake blood spatter, a wine glass with leaf details (add some melted wax and a wick = quick n' easy candle!), and a motion activated, noise making, will-not-shut-up, plastic rat (mistakes were made). From Walmart I purchased two red mums, some plastic terracotta pots (which I also covered in metallic spray paint) for aforementioned mums, candy corn (it took me several trips around the store to locate them - why do they always hide the candy corn?!), some yarn, a foam wreath form and some cute ribbon. 

When I arrived home, I melted wax for the wine glass candle and while the wax melted, I went out into the garage an spray painted my pots and bugs and while they dried I set the candle (a tutorial you can see here) and after all of this I decided it was probably time to replace my spring time wreath (you can see it here) with something a little more festive.

Here's what you need to make one of your own:

What You Need

Foam wreath form
Glue gun
Additional decorations (aka light up skull!)

What You Do

1. If you're using more than one yarn color, decide what pattern or thickness you want the color bands to be. I measured the wreath using a piece of yard to determine the outer circumference (about 50") and divided it by 7" sections. I used straight pins to mark each 7" stretch but you could eye-ball it if you prefer. I wanted the color to repeat three times each and to wrap the last, 8" section, in ribbon. 

2. Begin wrapping by knotting a length of yarn on one side of the wreath. The side where the knots are will be the back - naturally. Wrap the yarn around the wreath form in your first section until you are satisfied with the coverage. 

3. Move on the next section in the same way. I knotted the other color yarn on the back side and wrapped around and around. And wrapped and wrapped. The whole process of wrapping the yarn took about an hour.

4. I covered the last section in ribbon and pinned it tightly on the back side of the form. 

5. I used hot glue to attach the Dollar Store skull and a spider I had purchased for the last Halloween wreath I did (here!). I also used a piece of thin black ribbon to hang the wreath and the remaining wide ribbon as a bow to cover the wreath hook. 

And there you have it:

It was super easy and I watched Netflix with full attention while I did it - so that should give you an idea about how much concentration the project requires. And the whole thing cost me less than $10! And I love how it came out!

Happy Fall Y'all!


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