January 2, 2016

New Years Resolutions

Hello, friends!

First off, I am very excited to say that I've finally hit a viewer benchmark - 10,000 independent views since this blog's inception. In the vast space of the internet, I realize this is a drop in the bucket, but I am pretty darn happy about it! I wasn't sure that I'd ever get more than a few hundred views at best, so 10,000 in a year and a half makes me feel like I accomplished something!

That being said, I'm hoping to hit another milestone in the next year - ideally I'd love to have 25,000 views, so I suppose that holds me accountable for getting good, quality stuff posted. Nothing helps me stick to a goal better than making myself accountable for it in public.

That being said I have other goals this year, as people often do, but I'm hoping to stick to my guns for a change. I have a short attention span and I tend to lose sight of my resolutions pretty early on - but with my 28th birthday looming in the very near future (next week!) and a mere 147 days until the wedding, I've got a lot to do!

So  kicked off 2016 by doing a quick arm workout yesterday morning, tomorrow I'm jump-starting my fitness goals with the Tone It Up! Challenge (sign up here!) and right now I'm trying to nail down some of the finer wedding details - a wealth of DIYs coming your way, so keep your eye on the interwebs!

Happy New Year, all!



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