July 8, 2017

Faux Granite Counter Top Update

It's been two years since we updated our linoleum counter tops with paint and Envirotex Lite to give them the appearance of granite. As a testament to how well they have stood up against our messes (and our cats) I felt it necessary to give an update:

They are just as awesome now as ever.

That said, obviously they've incurred a little wear and tear. There are a few marks where failure to use a cutting board resulted in knife and/or razor blade marks lines while working on projects (but you can't see these at all without being eye level with the counter). But truly, other than that, I see no difference than from the very first day. I've tried a few different cleaning techniques and have found that warm water, Windex or Fantastic work best. I make sure not to clean them with anything abrasive so as not to scratch the surface, and so far, they are still crystal clear and still very beautiful. 

A few months back, the father of a friend of ours stopped in and commented on how lucky we were to have granite. This fine gentleman is in the commercial contracting business and has built his share of industrial buildings, not to mention, he's a very accomplished wood-worker. Surely a man in the business would recognize real granite! I was thrilled (and everyone around me knew it!) when I got to tell him that I had actually painted the linoleum.

Since the original experiment, I have also done my mother in law's and hope to do our master bath in the coming months, testing out new patterns and painting techniques and I must say, they look spectacular. Honestly, this is my proudest DIY project.

[Not only that, but back in October, Cass from Remodelaholic featured a handful of painted counter top makeovers including mine. Can we just take a moment here to fan-girl a little? I have been following Remodelaholic for as long as I have been blogging and I'm so honored that they featured one of my projects!] 

If you are considering a mulligan on your counter tops and want to do it affordably, I see no reason why you can't tackle this project! Just go for it. You'll be so glad you did. 



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