I was born and raised in Connecticut on the Long Island Sound. I graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2010 with a degree in Finance that I have yet to actually use. I have aspirations to be a world-renown crafter and DIY extraordinaire who makes my living off blog posts and writing my personal memoirs. Ultimately this would offer me the opportunity to be a Stay-at-Home-Cat-Mom (SAHCM - pronounced "Sack 'Em"). I really think that my cat-children would benefit from a home-schooling environment (and think of all the DIY time!) but quite frankly, my personal economy just will not allow for it.

And I'm still waiting for a book deal. Sigh. 

For now, I work full time and craft on the side for fun. I am perpetually on Pinterest or Reddit or Youtube getting new ideas for my next homemade adventure. I love to create things, build things, paint things and make them better or different. 

If I'm not blogging, crafting or working, I'm pretending to be a photographer or reading. In fact, I love to read. My sister will tell you that when we were children, I would often forgo playing Barbies or a good round of "how far can I throw you?" to read in a corner by myself. I have always found pleasure in novels and more often than not, you will find me with a book in my hand on my lunch hour, before bed, at the beach or in a comfy spot on the couch. I would like to say that I read things about self-improvement or world history, but the truth is I love crime novels and mysteries and fiction in general. I mostly enjoy books with a twist or a surprise in them. And sometimes when I think no one is looking, I will read something ridiculous... Like the Twilight Series. Twice. 

And in case you're wondering, I'm team Jacob. 

After I graduated from college, I moved back to Connecticut for a few years to spend time with my family. Now, I'm back below the bible belt, loving all the chicken biscuits, warm weather and southern hospitality that South Carolina can offer me. 

I currently live with my handsome husband Matt, in the home we've lived in for the past two years, otherwise known as the "Practice House" or "Project Central". We live with our fuzzy children, Dexter and Rocket (otherwise referred to as Kitten). They are my sidekicks and partners in crime. Dexter is consistent in his attempts to be helper of the year. If my project happens to include fabric of any kind, he's front and center, ready to entangle himself in whatever mess I'm making. 

Kitten is very nosy and will sometimes whine to be picked up so that he can check out the action. Most often, he can be found causing mischief and is always the first volunteer to stick his paws in fresh paint or sneak off with a packet of glitter. I have started paying him for his help in the form of a quick squirt from the water bottle. Little booger.

So anyway, here we are. You, me and a little blog. 

Welcome to the Castle DIY!

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